Star Zeal is a work in progress 4x space strategy game with a focus on a more personal take with your civilization and its characters. A mixture between a procedural, open ended RPG and a space civilization builder. You are represented in the game by a customizable character as the leader of your civilization, your character can die and be replaced by your progeny or other desired replacements, like a protege.


The main game has you play in the Milky Way galaxy with pre-made star clusters and systems like our own the Sol system and many procedural star clusters. You will be able to play as many different species, even minor ones, from large militaristic empires to isolated nomadic species, or even a pirate faction. The end goals of each faction created, or pre-made can be extremely variable. Sometimes a faction only wants to hide from everyone in their tiny corner of the universe.

One of the main features is the procedural nature of many important aspects of the game. From characters to star clusters and even the research. This also allows a vast play area where exploration is valued.

Please check the Features/Progress page for more much more details of mechanics and current development statuses for them.

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Also note Star Zeal 4x is currently a one man project and is in need of funding to get off the ground. Check the funding page here:

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Thilaksha Ekanayake.
Lead Designer.
I do everything.