Dev Log 3: Colony functionality change and procedural AI.

Star Zeal development has been quiet for over a month but for a good reason.
There was a lot of coding done on more core features and a few changes.

1: Major change in colony management and resources.

Dev3 pic1


Colony management is now dealt with by points allocation between four priorities, Civil, Industry, Science and Military. You no longer have to worry about constructing specific buildings to mine specific minerals and other similarly mundane tasks. However, the player can still construct special buildings like wonders and other unique objects.

With this change the player essentially sets the direction of the colony depending on what is wanted/needed. You can create different types of colonies based on priority points set and the capability of the planet, after which the colony will gradually develop accordingly. For example, you could create a pure military, or a mining colony that provides resources and production or military support to linked colonies via trade lanes.

Different planets have different capacities or capability that determine the maximum amount of priority points you can set. Many planets are desolate and have little going on but it might be useful to create a small colony on them to get a bit more access to resources. You could even set lower priority points than the max of a planet so it won’t grow larger than you need.

Dev3 pic2

These changes to colony management are meant to allow for more automation and less micromanagment and to make room for manufacturing of certain resources. Previously  there was too much the player had to worry about on the colony level which took away from other parts of the game.

Another change are to resources, as they now function on the basis of availability instead of raw counts, IE the number in mega tonnes. You don’t have to worry about specific amounts of resources, only that they are available to whatever needs it. Trade lanes can provide resources for places that don’t produced or have them on the planet on their own. The player still has control over what resources are available, particularly those which are manufactured as they require certain levels of the colony like production to be reached. Other resources that are special and very rare will have limited counts like void crystals.

The resources themselves have also changed somewhat. Basic minerals are now condensed into metals and gases making way for more important resources like Zorium and Tritanium.

Finally the colony governor dialogue system was added, the governor basically tells you whats going on in the colony and gives you some suggestions or opinions with a bit of personality added to it. Do note the current dialogue in the screenshot above is very early. Proper dialogue will come after more of the lore per faction is fleshed out.


2: Progress AI factions, particularly procedural pirate and criminal factions.

Procedural AI factions and random unknown fleets WIP

Procedural factions and random fleets that are based off main factions now show up depending on some global situations, like political upheaval, rebellions and particularly factions vulnerable to crime, aka pirates. Also they can be discovered randomly while exploring. These factions are generally not as powerful as main factions and don’t expand much but they can still grow and colonize new systems and given enough time, can become a serious threat… or good ally.

3: Small graphical improvements.

This dev cycle had little art but there were some improvements in the UI and some general progress on other art like planet surfaces and so on.


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Dev Log 2: Procedural Galaxy Progress

This week I have been working on the procedural part of the galaxy IE: The play area of the game.

Procedural galaxy sectors etc wip.

At the highest level is the galaxy view, then below that are the sectors within a quadrant, then clusters within a sector, then solar systems within the cluster. I had to be quite careful while working on the procedural galaxy. In order to depict massive distances there had to be a lot of trickery and illusion, while taking a lot of care to keep memory usage in check. Efficiency is very important while working on procedural generation, as it can especially become an issue in the late game in space 4xs.

As of now the core system is complete for generation and saving/loading of clusters of stars, sectors and what is inside them along with colonies, fleets and so on. There are also procedural factions based off some of the pre-made ones like the many pirate factions based off the Solarians.

In Star Zeal 4x, exploration is important and the feeling of massive scale and mystery is conveyed through this procedural system with huge distances for fleets to cover, get lost in etc. Who knows what you will find out there, or who/what you will meet. This also allows for escaping enemies even if all your colonies are lost.

Essentially there was a lot of toiling with the code and bug fixing this past week.

Dev Log 1: Progress on graphics and the most important AI.

This is the first official dev log for Star Zeal!

After about one year worth of progress, and not giving up I was satisfied enough to create a website for the game.

So, for the first dev log, there are some major changes and many minor ones to mention.

1: New cartoon style shaders for ships and other 3d objects. Also more art progress in ship details, backgrounds etc…

2: Replacement of the 3d planet surface with a 2d one. This was done because the 3d one was much too clunky and sapped the FPS a bit too much. Also the new one has more character and fits better with the rest of the art.

3: On the coding side there has been heavy work on the AI! Now the AI factions auto generate themselves with the procedural tech/research. The ships warping in here are from a generated pirate faction using the human designs of ships.

Don’t forget to check the Media(older builds) in order see much more of the progress so far.
Media(Older builds)