Dev Log 6 part 1

This time its a general dev log.

Let us start with the main attraction, actual gameplay footage.

What the video shows off is essentially the completion of basic fleet control and main view levels(full, tactical and map). Much of the functionality seen in the video was implemented earlier on in development, about 1.5 – 2 years ago. However the big difference now is that these core elements are connected/go through the more complicated parts of game like the various procedural generators including the research, design, colonies etc… The whole shebang.

Even though most of the work went into completing older parts of Star Zeal, there have been some important additions. One of these is fuel, you can see this via the UI in the video when I give the orders for the fleet to warp. I put some warnings in there too, so you don’t unknowingly send your fleets somewhere and they end up  getting stuck due to fuel running out.

I will be honest, getting it to this stage was quite a bit more grinding than I thought it would be, but I think it will be worth it. Its finally a game one can play like a game, if you know what I mean.



The player can now explore(and exploit) procedurally generated areas like debris fields, gas clouds and other types of phenomena outside of solar systems. Debris fields for example can contain resources, salvageable ships and other peculiarities. They are also in line with the factions and or history of the sector or cluster. You can see the fleet entering into an area, a debris field in this case, near the end of the video.

Atmospheric scattering has been added which is used to show dust, radiation and other environmental effects. These will also affect sensors and ship integrity, so technically its more than mere eye candy.




Leaders now have procedural history specific to them which will accumulate as each character experiences in an important event like a large battle, special missions, promotion or when he/she is killed/lost. This happens for the AI’s characters too. Also dead leaders still keep their history and “ID” in the factions, so they will have a memorial of sorts.

The leader window as seen above(WIP) will allow easy control of active and available leaders. Also note that leaders who are available to be hired/recruited actually exist on a location accessible to your faction. Usually these leaders will show up on colonies and space stations and sometimes in more odd places. Another important point is they can be killed if the colony or object they are on is destroyed, it doesn’t matter if you recruited them or not. I will get into more detail about the leaders/characters in the next log.


So that ends dev log 6 part 1. Part 2 will continue with more progress on leaders and finishing up even more things in general. There should also be more ingame videos coming. If you have any comments don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section below.


Quick reminder that if you want to support the development of Star Zeal you can check the funding page here: or use the papal widget to the right of the page. Thank you.



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